March Additives (part 1)

March Additives (part 1)

Hello, last month I wrote a post called “February Fasts” with a few things I decided to give up that month in order to pursue a healthier life. This month, I decided to share some things that I want to ADD more of in my life.

  1. Books: Thanks to Netflix, ABC’s The Bachelor, Facebook, and all of the other entertainment I can access on every device, I have lost my love for reading. In my personal life, a large amount of tragic things are currently occurring with my family and their health. Books seem like a way to spend time recharging, while opening my mind and gaining some good perspective. If you need me, I’ll be in a book shop. Does anyone have any book suggestions?
  2. Water: I want to drink more water. I’m usually dehydrated which affects me so much. Having a substantial amount of water in your body helps in every aspect and your skin will begin to GLOW as proof. I recently bought a Nalgene water bottle. I LOVE IT. Not only do I use it when I’m on the go, but I also use it in bed; it’s great to grab when I get thirsty in the middle of the night. It also has measurements on the bottle, so I am able to keep track of how much water I drink throughout the day.
  3. Decaf: Speaking of beverages, I have always been a lover of coffee– but due to my small frame, I get shaky and feel a huge impact. I am trying to cut back and drink decaf if I really must have a cup. P.S.- Caffeine is the worst if you already have any level of anxiety.
  4. Photography: Photography is my first love. Sometimes I drift in and out of shooting a lot. I would like to go into photography as more of a profession, so I hope to photograph more this month.
  5. Laundry: To be honest, I have a hard time keeping up with laundry. It’s one of my least favorite things to do. So I let my laundry pile up on my bedroom floor. This may seem lame, but I simply want to keep my laundry in the wash or in my closet– not on my floor! Anyone with me?
  6. Purchasing Permanent Items: I spend a lot of my money on going out to eat and food. Obviously this isn’t a great investment of my money because of how temporary food is. This month, I hope to spend less on food, in order to be able to spend more on items that I can have for a longer segment of time. For instance, this month, instead of buying sushi for $10–  I bought a water bottle for $10 which is a much better investment.

That’s it for now. Let me know what your March additives are. Leave me a comment and a follow!

10 Bath Tips (Everything you need to know)

10 Bath Tips (Everything you need to know)

Hello all! I have recently been OBSESSED with all things bath.

I have begun working at a coffee shop. At the end of the workday, I reek of coffee, feel stressed from serving so many customers, and my muscles are tired from being on my feet all day (so glamorous, I know). A warm bath is the perfect solution to all of my coffee-smelling, feet-aching needs. I always feel like I smell 800x better after a bath compared to just taking a shower because you’re SOAKING in wonderful smelling elements! Here are some ideas that you can try out!

  1. EPSOM SALT: Epsom salt is great for helping SORE MUSCLES. If you are tired from being on your feet all day or from a hard workout, try this! As you run hot water in your bath, pour two cups or so of epsom salt.  Although a warm (not hot) bath is better for your skin– Make sure to run the water HOT while you do this, so the salt will be able to dissolve. Dissolved epsom salt is able to more easily be absorbed by your skin. Soak for about 15 minutes (so it can effectively be absorbed).
  2. WARM WATER: Like I will mention throughout this post, it’s important to add components like salt, etc. with HOT water in order for things to dissolve. But make sure that you let it cool down to a comfortable, WARM temp. before you step in to soak. Hot water dries out your skin.
  3. COCONUT OIL: If you have super dry/itchy skin, you can add a tablespoon or less of coconut oil to your bath. This will really hydrate your skin and make it soft. If you have long hair, make sure to put it up in a bun– otherwise, you’ll have super greasy hair!
  4. OATS: Occasionally, I like to put oats in my tub. Oats will help soothe your dry skin. Grind some oats in a coffee bean grinder (or whatever have); the particles should be small enough to dissolve. Put a generous amount in your bath and let it dissolve. You may want to add a couple drops of lavender essential oil (or the scent of your choice) if you don’t like the smell of oat/oatmeal.
  5. MILK AND HONEY: I sometimes will go for a milk and honey bath. I just put a tablespoon of honey and a 1 1/4 cup of milk in hot water and let it settle. The water feels super silky. It has a very subtlety sweet scent.
  6. BAKING SODA: You can always add up to 1/2 or 1 cup of baking soda to any bath. It will help itchy skin, among other benefits.
  7. BATH BOMB: Obviously, you can forego all of these individual, natural ingredients and just purchase a bath bomb. They look pretty, but they usually smell AMAZING. So if you work in a restaurant like me, one of these will have you smelling heavenly in no time. Pro Tip: You can purchase cheap ones at Walgreens or Amazon. If you do purchase a more expensive one at Lush, you can always break it in half to make it last longer if money is tight.
  8. YOU MIGHT FEEL WEAK: After a bath, sometimes I feel lightheaded, almost like passing out. Granted, this doesn’t occur every time– but isn’t rare. It is potentially because of your blood pressure from going from very warm water to the cold air. Also it could be going from the stress of daily life to a very zen state of being in a bath, back to a stressful situation. As you are finishing up a bath, you may want to– take a couple deep breaths, drink a glass of water, or sit in your tub while the water is still draining (so the temp. difference isn’t as dramatic).
  9. ZEN MOOD: Light a candle, put a couple drops of essential oil (lavender is my favorite), put on soft music or a Netflix show. RELAX. Enjoy!
  10. RINSE OFF: If I do bathe in oats, milk, or a bath bomb, I typically rinse off with a quick shower afterwards. I don’t want any residue on my body. I also usually take the time to wash my hair– it seems easier in the shower.

Hope you enjoyed this list. Feel free to comment if you had the opportunity to try any of these tips out or if you have tips of your own!


How to Handle Stress

How to Handle Stress

Have you ever been currently overwhelmed with stress? Unfortunately, life happens and it can definitely take a toll on our bodies: physically, emotionally, and socially. A lot of serious things have unfortunately been happening in my family’s lives and my personal life, as well. It’s easy to panic and neglect taking care of yourself; it’s important to remember that your wellbeing is important! I have several ideas of how to help. I have tried to be as practical as possible. Please let me know your personal tips if you have any, too!

  1. Tell someone. -This may seem cliche. But honestly, it is critical not to keep things bottled inside. You will completely exhaust your body by continually being anxious. Let it out. Tell a friend. Tell a brother. Tell a mom. Tell a counselor. Tell a stranger (well, I don’t know about that one). But seriously, just speak your feelings out loud.
  2. Eat something healthy. – Not only eat healthy, but just try to maintain your physical body as much as possible. Talk a walk, eat a well balanced meal, don’t drink too much caffeine, get enough rest, drink a lot of water. When we are stressed, we often forget to eat (or eat too much/stress – eat). We stay up all hours of the night (or sleep in until 2pm). We are often too tired to get up out of bed (because anxiety takes a ton of energy). By not taking care of our bodies, we are prone to feel even worse. If you at least try to eat well, exercise, and drink enough water– that will help prevent your anxiety from getting to critical points.
  3. Breathe. – When you feel your muscles tensing and your breathing feels more shallow, just take a deep breath. This will help relax your muscles a little and give a little more calm to your situation.
  4. Watch a TV show. -Okay, I know that people often say that watching TV is just an escape for your problem, instead you should just face them. But sometimes I think problems are not things you can always fix. For instance, stress about the death of a family member or someone who is critically ill. Although you should definitely face reality, sometimes you do just need to take an hour out of your week and watch something lighthearted. Give yourself a break.
  5. Journal/Sketch. – Try getting something onto a page. It could be your thoughts and feelings or something completely unrelated. Just give yourself an opportunity for an outlet.
  6. Take a bath. -Take a warm bath with lavender essential oil and epsom salt. The salt will help relax your tense muscles. Light a candle if you would like. Also, nothing wrong with being super clean, am I right?
  7. Pray. – Faith and a relationship with God are a big part of my life. Praying and reading my Bible help alleviate my anxiety by putting trust in God.
  8. Cry.– Honestly, it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to let things out when you need. Take care of yourself, friend.
  9. Take time to be thankful. – Yes, I know it is incredibly difficult to find things that you are thankful for when things look so dim. But just do it. Think of one or two (or more for extra credit) things that are in your life that you are extremely grateful for.
  10. It will be okay. – Even though your situation looks like the end of the world. Let me reassure you. It will be okay. This storm will pass. Life may or may not look different after. But just know, that you are going to be just fine. Hold tight.
INTP: Career Advice?

INTP: Career Advice?

HELLO! So, I am a very typical INTP who has been racking her brain and panicking because I don’t know what I want to do in life and I feel so behind compared to my peers. Below, I wrote a rather long explanation of my life (sorry, it’s 12 AM and this is what happens). If you are an INTP or any person who breathes, really, and would like to contribute your wisdom– I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance for your kindness and time you took to read through!

Background: I just graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. I honestly haven’t had the opportunity or bluntly, the motivation, to find a job. I’m realizing that this field might not be for me. It’s not exactly meaningful or intellectually challenging/interesting in the way that I would like. I’m currently looking at going back to school to pursue a different type of career. I’m working at a coffee shop now and substitute teaching at the moment, while I re-evaluate my life.

About Me: I am an INTP. I really enjoy work with a high level of analysis, autonomy, and intellectual challenge. In school, I was an overachiever. I would like a career that enables me to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, financially. I am currently a part-time photographer and appreciate creative projects, as well. I enjoy deep talks (probably because of all of the analysis), philosophy, and researching knowledge. I think seeing the transition from abstract thoughts into something concrete is exciting.

Things I Have Considered: 

Law, Psychology, Doctor, Engineer, Graphic Design, Professional Photographer

Why I Am Reluctant to Pursue the Above Areas:

-I possibly could dislike the public speaking (speaking in public is torturous for me) or competition (I have heard jobs are extremely scarce). (Lawyer)

-I’m unsure if I would be tired of 10 years of medical studies and/or if I would like the long hours and amount of doctor-patient interaction. (Doctor)

-Although I have heard great things about the amount of science + creativity that is woven through, I’m not very hands-on or mechanical. I’m very conceptual. (Engineering)

-Not sure if there’s a super promising future, position or income-wise/ very saturated field (psychologist, graphic design, photographer)

*If any of these statements are complete myths or can be countered in some way, please do! I appreciate all of the insight.

Final Notes: I’m not really interested in any super tech-savvy careers such as becoming a web developer or IT. Also, it would be a huge plus if the career could be pursued internationally somehow. I aspire to help people cross-culturally one day.


February Fast Part II (RESULTS)

February Fast Part II (RESULTS)

Happy March 1, all! I hope you had a wonderfully productive February! My last post included five things I chose to try fasting. The five things were: social media, coffeeshop coffee, credit/debit cards, texting, sleeping in. If you guys missed that post and are currently confused, check it out before diving into this post!

So, let me tell you how it went for me!

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA (Instagram, FB, Pinterest, everything else): This specific social media elimination was halfway successful. However, I will be honest and say that I still did end up scrolling through my feed at times. But this month of February, I chose to begin working full time with various jobs in an effort to be as productive as possible. Social media ended up not being a day-consumer and started to simply be a couple of minutes of reward/rewinding from a hard day at work. Obviously, I would like to even be able to eliminate that small time, but I am very happy in the progress that I’ve made. (Even small progress is still growth!)
  2. STARBUCKS COFFEE: Okay, this might be my most successful fast category of February. I did not spend one dime on coffeeshop coffee! This is a HUGE achievement, coming from a gal who used to hit up a coffee shop at a bare minimum of three times a week (about $60 a month, yikes). I did get one Starbucks drink, simply because I had a leftover gift card, given to me at Christmas. But for the rest of the time, I made coffee at home! I also bought a Tazo Chai Concentrate at Walmart. It is the exact concentrate used at Starbucks. However, I bought a carton that lasted me a couple of weeks for $4; SOOO much better than buying a single chai latte for $4, am I right!? It tastes just as good at home!
  3. USING YOUR DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS: This month, I was pretty successful at only using cash! Although, I could have been better at keeping track of the precise amount that I spent. But I’m still happy that all of the money in my accounts are not rapidly decreasing and I know I can count on that for savings.
  4.  TEXTING: Yes, I still text quite a bit. I have close friends who live cities away, even countries away. So I definitely want to still maintain those relationships. However, I have been meeting up with a couple of friends more. It definitely is refreshing. Community is key; it keeps you sane, despite all of the crazy things happening in life.
  5. SLEEPING IN: Okay, this is the one fast that I pretty much FAILED MISERABLY AT. One February day, I rolled out of bed 20 minutes before I needed to leave for work. AH, NOT GOOD! This is something I need to continue working on, for sure. I’m confident that I will feel a million times better once I improve in this area!

Thanks for following along with my journey! I would love to hear if you have comments from trying out these fasts for yourself or any general thoughts.

February Fasts

February Fasts

Lately, I have been thinking about various things I can do to improve upon my life. I came up with a couple challenges for the month. I know February has already started. But here are ideas of things to ELIMINATE from the next few weeks.

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and everything else can consume your brain and your time. Instead, how about buying a new book or committing to exercising more with your newfound time?
  2. STARBUCKS COFFEE: Okay, this is not just a blow towards Starbucks. But why not stop buying coffee out (at any coffeeshop), and instead save your money and make a pot of joe at home? You could probably have $60 or so (depending on how often you go) saved!
  3. USING YOUR DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS: Although using your cards are super convenient, you don’t always realize how much you actually spend. Instead of using your cards for the next few weeks, why don’t you try withdrawing the amount of cash you would like to have to spend– and solely use that. With this method, you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending and you’ll likely be more careful to preserve it. Yay for budgeting.
  4.  TEXTING: Instead of spending 50490343 hours texting, schedule more meet ups with friends! I have started asking friends who I haven’t seen in awhile to just catch up. It is definitely refreshing to have new and more diverse conversations. Also, nothing beats talking to someone face to face over sushi or coffee. Stop looking at your phone! (This is more of a spiel to me, than it is to you.)
  5. SLEEPING IN: Sleeping in is definitely nice. I suppose once a week could possibly slide. But, try getting up a little bit earlier than you have to, even on a workday. A day is never started well when you’re stumbling out of the door, half-dressed, without having any breakfast. Instead of being in a panic mindset everyday, try waking up even 15 minutes earlier and having some “you-time.” I’m sure your workday will be even better! And yes, this may mean you should forgo watching another episode of Friends at 2AM the night before.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this list of a few things to cut out. I am going to try this starting tomorrow. So join with me! In my next post, I will be sharing about how these changes affected me. Comment if you have any other “eliminations” that you believe are worthwhile and that I should try. Thanks for reading!

January Favorites

January Favorites

Well, hello all! Sorry, I neglected you and skipped my November and December favorites (whoops, forgive me?). But here I am with some elements that I’m loving this month.

  1. YouTube Videos

YouTube has become my most recent obsession. I know, I know, probably not the most healthy addiction. I have been watching everything from vlogs to funny challenge videos to home decor and clothing hauls. So far, my favorite channels include: Hunter March, Lex Lee, Lauren Elizabeth, Arden Rose, and Claudia Sulewski. Let me know in the comments if there are any other channels I should check out!

    2. Interior Design

Perhaps my more recent fascination with interior design and decor is rooted in the recent YouTube videos (Lex Lee is such a huge inspiration! Her stuff is so dope) I’ve seen. I simply just want to move for the fun of decorating. Who’s with me?

 3. Lettuce Wraps

You can order lettuce wraps at a restaurant like The Cheesecake Factory or there are a million recipes to make your own homemade wraps; either way, I’m so into this meal! It can be made with any type of protein: steak, chicken, ground beef, tofu, etc. You can add veggies, sauces, any type of rice, and wah-lah– you have the most delicious and nutritious meal on the planet. Let me know if you are aware of the best restaurant that serves lettuce wraps or of any great recipe!

   4. MochiThings

Okay, so I’ve always been a notebook/journal/stationary fanatic. I can’t help from buying 1294334 notebooks and 3493843 cool pens. I recently bought a journal from MochiThings. After receiving it, I was unimpressed. The notebook didn’t seem like anything special after paying an arm and a leg to get it (okay, it wasn’t that much… but compared to Walmart….). However, after writing in a couple of the pages– I am in love. The paper is so smooth, that no matter how crappy the pen, it’s like writing on butter. Okay, not really butter. You can’t write on butter. But you get my drift. Plus, one side of each sheet of paper is blank (no lines), while the backside is a grid. It’s great.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading. Hope you have a great rest of your month!